3D Imaging

One of the greatest tools in a dentist’s toolbox is x-ray imaging.  The majority of a tooth is not able to be seen by looking in the mouth with our eyes.  Assistance is needed, and x-ray imaging allows Dr. Orme to see the entire tooth – the inside as well as the outside, the parts below the gumline as well as above.  

Orthophos XG 3D


The Sirona Orthopohos XG 3D has been an asset to Dr. Orme as it provides both 2D imaging as well as 3D imaging.  

2D imaging

  • Bitewing: picture of 3-4 teeth including the crowns and roots as well as the surrounding tissue; shows decay between and in the teeth, alignment of the upper and lower teeth, and bone loss  from gum disease.  
  • Panorama: a broad picture of the jaw, jaw joints, teeth, sinuses, and nasal area; shows impacted teeth, infections, bone abnormalities, cysts, growths (tumors), and fractures. 

3D imaging

  • Conebeam CT: 3-dimensional image of teeth, soft tissue, nerve pathways, and bone; shows bone thickness, nerve pathway through tissue, and more details for evaluation of the tooth and surrounding structures.  


The details provided by 3D imaging assist Dr. Orme with more precise placement of dental implants, detailed pathways of nerves for endodontic treatment, diagnosis and treatment of dental trauma, identification of lesions and other dental diseases (pathology), and greater capacity to identify and diagnosis the teeth and the adjacent and associated structures.  Our 3D technology has been a benefit to us in our goal of giving the utmost care to our patients.