Sirona SIROLaser Advance

The Sirona SIROLaser Advance is a versatile tool that can be used in various treatments from endodontics to periodontology to surgery to other therapies.  

Benefits of Laser TherapyImage of a Sirona Laser

  • Almost bloodless procedures
  • Reduced swelling after procedures
  • Less discomfort
  • Most procedures require little or no anesthetics
  • Improved healing after procedures
  • Reduced unpleasant pressure, noise, and vibrations
  • Ideal for sensitive patients

Dr. Orme is committed to using modern technology that can assist him in providing a more pleasant experience for his patients.  The SIROLaser Advance has been beneficial at our office in providing a more comfortable experience to our patients during various procedures.


Image of a Frenectomy candidateOn the underside of your upper lip and lower lip is a muscular attachment called a labial frenum.  In some cases, the upper labial frenum extends downward to the point that it creates a space, called a diastema, between the middle two front teeth.  While braces can be used to eliminate this gap between the teeth, a prominent labial frenum can prevent the teeth from staying in the closed position.  With the SIROLaser, Dr. Orme has been successful in removing prominent labial frenum so that braces can than effectively close the gap between those front teeth.  Without a laser, this procedure, called a frenectomy, would require stitches and a prolonged healing time.  With the use of a laser, the procedure is almost bloodless, requires no stitches, and afterwards provides for minimal discomfort and a lessened healing time.  

Underneath the tongue is a another frenum that connects the tongue to the floor of your mouth, called the lingual frenum.  When this frenum is restrictive, it prevents the proper of use of the tongue, making eating and speaking difficult.  A frenectomy allows the tongue to function properly again.  Using a laser provides benefits to the comfort of this procedure.