Month: December 2023

senior woman sitting in the dentist chair holds a mirror to look at her smile as the dentist looks on

Dental Care for High-Risk Patients: Specialized Solutions

December 15, 2023 6:31 pm Published by

Dental care is vital for everyone, but individuals with certain health and oral conditions may require specialized attention. High-risk patients, including those with diabetes, heart disease, or gum disease, often face unique challenges in maintaining optimal oral health. Check out our blog post where we explore the importance of specialized solutions available for high-risk patients.

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"This was the best experience with a dentist I've ever had. I had an implant done and was expecting a lot of pain. I had no pain at all. It was so refreshing to have a dentist who cares about his patients. I highly recommend Dr. Orme and his staff at Southwest Dental Care."

- Sheryl B.

"I'm the kind of person who likes a real explanation of what's happening, even if I don't really understand half of it. Dr. Orme went the extra mile to explain everything in a casual and personable way without "dumbing it down". The office space is modern and fresh, and the staff is welcoming and characterful."

- John D.

"I worked with Dr. Orme in the Dominican Republic recently on a humanitarian trip. I watched him work hard every day at making the people feel good, creating an experience, as well as teaching those around him. He makes patients and co-workers feel good. He's positive, very upbeat, and I would recommend him strongly!!"

- Spencer C.

"He is the best dentist I have ever been to. He listens and only does what you want done without pressure. Very informative without the lecture. Dr. Orme and his staff are very friendly."

- Matthew H.